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Our Story

Sara's Dream

Sara's dream for Israel stems from the pulse of its epicenter, Tel Aviv. Nurturing a love for the arts from a young age, Sara's gravitation towards TLV's graffitied streets, craft fairs, fashion, and assortment of boutiques should come as no surprise. On a never ending quest to discover new talent, Sara's vision would be to disperse Tel Aviv's culture and beauty throughout the land of Israel. To continue to find artisans and small business owners throughout the country and help them grow their business, connect them to the right resources, and foster the economy. To bring the arts to more schools and to foster an even more beautiful Israel for today and tomorrow.

Johnny’s Dream

Johnny’s dream for Israel comes from a love of the people and the culture. Charity and helping people grow and better their lives has been a part of his life since an early age. From the bustling streets of Tel Aviv to the dessert oasis of Beer-Sheva, the energy is shaped by the unique culture and people that make it home. Johnny’s vision is to help small businesses and those with a passion grow their ideas. Even the greatest of products, started with a dream and a little help.